Adventure Time

So, I haven't quite been successful in my goal of writing weekly. It is useless to beat oneself up for past mistakes, so instead I will focus on finding new ways to reach my goals in the future.

I am traveling at the moment and won't have a lot of time to write, but you are all absolutely welcome to come along on the trip via snapchat. My username there is HEARTFULLYHANNA. If you watch my story in the next few hours you will be able to see my visit to my old treatment center: Timberline Knolls. It is kind of a long story, but I just absolutely love the place and wanted to show you as much as I could.

I will also post on instagram under the same username: HEARTFULLYHANNA and update my facebook site, also: HEARTFULLYHANNA.

Gotta go! The TK retreat is starting right now!

Come join me on an adventure!



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