and so it begins...

So, I am attempting to try out this blog thing. Well, actually this is not my first attempt at a blog. My teenage years were well documented in almost daily online dairy entries that, even though extremely thorough in descriptions of my everyday life, never went into any depths about my feelings or thoughts. This time it will be way different. At first it will probably be a little difficult for me to change my style of writing from the fact-based journalistic style I am so much more comfortable with, to the more emotional, raw and honest writing I want to post on here, so bear with me.

I don’t have a clear focus, a precise vision of what I want this blog to be all about. I am a little bit all over the place. I guess what I really want to achieve here is to write from the heart. It is scary for me to open up, and talk about my thoughts and feelings, and personal things. However, I believe it will help me grow, and hopefully others can connect in some ways to what I write about here.

This blog is something that I have wanted to do for a while, but I have always been waiting for the right time to start it. Today, while I was doing a little browsing on Instagram, I stumbled upon a quote that really spoke to me.

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.” –Hugh Laurie

I believe this to be very true; I don’t believe I have ever felt completely ready to do anything. To often I put things on the backburner, waiting for that moment when I will feel in my heart perfectly ready to do them. Months, years, and decades go by and I am still waiting for the right time. So often waiting for the perfect moment means I never end up actually doing the things I am passionate about. So my goal for myself is to stop waiting and as Nike so perfectly put it “just do it.”

So, even though in my mind I expect there to be this magical moment in the future when I will be a 100% ready to become a blogger and in that moment I would be able to write these words so much better, I have decided to go ahead and publish my first blog post here today, however imperfect it may be.

So here it is! My first blog post on Heartfully Hanna. Thank you so much for reading it!